Hoegy Building COVID-19 policy

COVID-19 Response to help minimize the spread.

At Hoegy Building our highest priority is the health and safety of all our staff, clients and our families.

            On March 16th we began to implement protocols to deal with COVID-19, including more stringent safety measures and weekly staff safety meetings.  All of sites will now be locked, numbers for our onsite staff will be posted, you must call a team member to unlock the door and grant you access.  Upon entering, a staff member will ask you if you have been experiencing symptoms or if you have been in contact with someone who has. Our site policy is to respect social distancing and proper hand washing and sanitizing practices. There are hand washing/sanitizing stations set up on each site. If we have too many people on site, our staff reserves the right to deny access to visitors and sub trades. Sub trades must give 48 hour notice before coming on site so that our staff may monitor the amount of people on site at once. We ask that our sites are NOT visited after hours.

For workers on site: you must use sanitizer upon arrival to site, and conduct proper hand washing practices throughout your time on Hoegy Building sites. You may be asked to wear masks and gloves, as well as your standard PPE.  Our onsite washrooms are cleaned after each use by our staff, we ask that our sub trades do the same and bring their own disinfectant spray or wipes to ensure the site does not run out.

Most of our suppliers have remained open, although they have closed their doors to the public, and we continue to get supplies in a safe and sanitary way. Building inspection protocols differ based on municipality, but we continue to get our projects with existing permits inspected. Inspections and the process of obtaining materials may cause delays in our project timelines, we will do our best to keep our sub trades and clients informed and up to date.

Hoegy Building operates in accordance with the government of Ontario’s essential workers list, continuing on to complete the projects that are in progress, and look forward to lining up new projects.